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EOC Product


EoC is focused on the use of existing cable television (CATV) infrastructure for Internet access or broadband data transmission for the purpose of being compatible with the existing CATV (or sometimes satellite television) broadcast signals simultaneously transmitted on the same cable.

Ethernet over Coax (EoC) system is designed to offer both RF TV and Ethernet signals over one coaxial cable over last 100 meters to subscribers.

EoC network mainly includes one Master Unit and a few Slave Units.

Typically, Master Unit is located together with Optical Node and Slave Unit is installed next to TV set.

One CD6101 Master unit can linked with up to several Slave units (To have enough bandwidth for each subscriber on line, we recommend that the slave unit number should be in –between 30-40).


The EM13 combines the IP data signal with the CATV then transmit it to the partial network to realize the broadcasting program and the IP date transmit in one line. The equipments install on the HFC line or the buildings.


KT-ES07 is a high price-performance-ratio coaxial. You could enjoy high speed internet via CATV network by using KT-ES07. It can be connected to PC, MAC or STB by internal 10/100Base Ethernet interface.


KT-QPL84 Bridge is a new product of the Spec Group. It is used for bridging one-way amplifier signals of low frequency band of EOC system. And it features over-current, waterproof functions and etc.

Diplex Filter

Diplex Filter are designed to combine or separate the various bands of frequencies used in RF distribution systems. Several models are available, including: VHF LB & VHF HB split, VHF & UHF split