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1550nm Internal Transmitter

1550nm Internal Transmitter

1550nm Internal Transmitter

1550nm Direct Mode Transmitter is mainly used in overlay insertion system adopted 1550nm Direct laser only used in Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing system(DWDM). Its output Optical Wavelength is long as standard ITV wavelength. RF pre-distortion circuit is developed & operated by us and is used in the part of therefore Driver built-in sound microcomputer automatic controlling system built in it to make ensure the excellent performance.

Optical Wavelength

>1527.99 ~ 1562.23 nm

Optic Output Power

>4 ~ 10mW

Laser Type

DFB Laser

MGC Controlled


AGC Controlled







≥51 dB

Frequency Range

47 ~ 862 mHz

  • Use 1550nm directly Modulated laser only used in Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing(DWDM) system, output optical wavelength is as long as standard of ITU wavelength.
  • The section of RF driver used Digital Automatic Processing of RF power developed independently by us. It will adjust the RF drive power automatically according to the level number (16 ~ 85 channels) of input RF signal, to make sure C/CSO, C/CTS and C/N Index always at their best.
  • Advanced multi-frequency RF pre-distortion with GaAs devices. Improve the C/CTB and CSO index the most important part of CATV efficiency.
  • Built in perfect micro-computer automatic control circuit, monitor a variety of working conditions of output power and laser in real time, to make sure the optical output power is steady and extend the working life of laser.
  • LCD Display displaying the operating parameters and fault information accurately.
  • 6dBm
  • 7dBm
  • 9dBm
  • Butterfly Laser
  • Co-axial Laser