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2 Fiber Input Node

2 Fiber Input Node

2 Fiber Input Node

Two fiber input node can be used for two separate optical input device for backup based on plenty of experiences about CATV HFC network ooptical fiber transmission equipment, we developed DI-155 and DI-165A series field receiver, two input optical receiver. It is mainly used in long-distance optical fiber transmission of TV image signal,digital TV signal.

Received optical Power Range

-12 ~ +2 dBm

Optical Return Loss


Optical Receiving wave length

1100 ~ 1600nm







  • PHILIPS , PHOTON, SUNLAND optical detector with high sensitivity are used as the part of photo electric conversion.
  • Very low noise module of Philips, Motrola is used at output stage for RF amplification.
  • It provides very high quality of linear frequency response upto 870MHz.
  • There are plug-in equilizer, plug-in output splitter, digital optical input power meter for proper and accurate monitoring the signal.
  • There are case aluminium waterproof housing switching mode power supply with high reliability, strict anti-lightening system to ensure steadily work in the field.
  • It provides very high range of gain control even optical power very from -9 to +2 dBm. Once output level is set there is no variation at all, even optical power changes rapidily.
  • With NXP Optical as well as RF Controlled.
  • With RF/Optical secondary selection.
  • DI-165A
  • DI-165 A GSM
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