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Node With Power Supply

Node With Power Supply

Node With Power Supply

This type of optical receiver is specially designed to overcome the problem of power supply in the field. It is a quality optical receiver as well as 2A power source itself. It is output connectors produce RF signal along with 60V 2A ac voltage which is very useful to operate at least three nodes and four amplifiers as well.

Frequency Rangee

47 ~ 860Mhzm

Optical Input Range

-2 ~ +12dBm

Optical WaveLength

1250 ~1650nm

Flatness in Band








  • 2A, 60V AC supply at output port
  • It uses very high quality reliable components
  • Very accurate input Optical power monitoring system(LED BAR or Digitally Display)
  • Optic conversion through high quality module.
  • Very high RF Output level(110 dBµv at 0dBm optical input power)
  • No chance of burning transformer even output port is short circuited.
  • By removing short, it works same as before
  • Automatic Power re-storing circuit is available with/without buzzer.
  • Good working aluminum housing for lasting long
  • POR with short circuited Buzzer system
  • POR Digital Display Monitoring
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