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Professional Node

Professional Node

Professional Node

We have a lot of models with dual output, dual IC optical receiver. Class wise it is only difference with some hardware materials used with it like size of transformers, length of main chord, weight of chassis, optical monitor ring system etc. technical characteristics of both the class is exactly symmetrical.

Optical Return Loss


Optical Receiving wavelength

1100 ~ 1600nm







  • Optical detector with low noise and high sensitivity is used in the part of optical receiving. GaAs RF power module is used for RF amplification gives noise free RF output to maintain high level signal up to 108dbµv. specific modules will be used according to user’s requirement.
  • Complete covering frequency range (40 to 862 Mhz) with very linear flatness is achieved with 20db gain control and 20db slope control.
  • External two way switch is provided for selecting as a RF amplifier without adding noise at high output level.
  • Perfect status monitoring circuit for input optical power (Digital & LED bar based ) is incorporated with these model. It is suitable for front-end optical management to last-end optical management.
  • TDN-99 SAL
  • TDN-99 FAL
  • HAN-98-MS
  • HAN-98-FAL
  • OUTDOOR (B) ODN-69
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