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Triple IC 4 Output Node

Triple IC 4 Output Node

Triple IC 4 Output Node

This optical receiver is advanced product designed for CATV. It has been parallel 4 outputs with double monitor. Available in aluminum alloy body as well as aluminum-cast water proof body. It is the best choice for CATV HFC network. We can control Gain and slope separately for both the line. It reduces the burden of the cable operator. By maintaining one amplifier, user can get according to the customer choice RF module can be vary. For operating these nodes different kind of SMPS are available in gain mode as well as power pass mode. These SMPS are high current MOSFET based.

Received Optical Power Range

-12 ~ +2 dBm

Optical Return Loss


Optical Receiving wavelength

1100 ~ 1600nm







  • Advanced Optical AGC module, having wide range of optical power control(-8 ~ +2dBm)
  • Very Linear and noise free conversion.
  • AGC characteristics are good. If the output is sated once, output level is unchanged and CTB ,CSO, C/N is essentially the same when optical power input is changed (-8 ~ 2dBm).
  • Four balanced and noise free output is achieved.
  • Separate slope and gain control is provided for each output. It is helpful to maintain the maximum output level.
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  • Triple IC FAL
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  • Triple IC Outdoor AGC
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