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AGC Dualic Dual Output

AGC Dualic Dual Output

AGC Dualic Dual Output

AGC-FAL : It is designed with fully aluminum body. It has SUNLAND AGC module which is very accurate in performance & sensitive with optical conversion. Very professional design is used is used for RF amplification. Specific modules can be used according to user’s requirement.

AGC-OUTDOOR: fully die-cast waterproof body is used for this AGC node. It has plug-in equalizer and splitter circuit. High voltage protection circuit (G.D.Tube) and power indicator circuit in I/P and O/P port is also incorporated.

Optical I/P Range

-8 ~ +2

Optical Return Loss


Optical Receiving wavelength

1100 ~ 1600nm

Optical Fiber Type

Single Mode


≥51 Db


≥65 Db


≥60 Db

Frequency Range

45 ~ 862 mHz

  • SUNLAND AGC module is used for optical to RF conversion. It has very accurate AGC controlled circuit.
  • RF amplification is linear and better. Low distortion and proper heat dissipating capacity.
  • RF Output level will be unchanged due to AGC module even optical input variation.
  • It has digitally displayed optical power monitoring system.
  • AGC with NXP Modules.
  • AGC Digital Display Monitoring.
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